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When you make use of our native landscape design services, you’ll be surprised by what shows up. Nesting goldfinches. Hummingbird moths. Monarch caterpillars. You’ve created a whole new world that invites wildlife back.

And there’s an extra bonus. Native plant landscapes, once established, need a lot less work than traditional landscapes. And far fewer inputs, like watering, fertilizer, pesticides, etc. So you can relax, enjoy your property and save money instead of tending to it constantly. Isn’t that why you bought it in the first place?

Pollinator/PRAIRIE gardens

At the heart of the food web are pollinators—our native bees, birds and butterflies. Some are now threatened or endangered, but you can help by planting the natives that they need. Bonus: these native plants are stunners in a home landscape!

rain gardens

We work with you to create naturalized landscape solutions that incorporate water runoff instead of trying to constantly move it off the property. With deep-rooted native plants, wet areas can become beautiful focal points of your landscape.


Love watching birds at your feeders? Your landscaping can be an even bigger draw—with nesting materials in spring, caterpillars to eat in summer, and berries to sustain them in colder weather. We’ll custom-design your landscaping to bring in your favorite birds.

woodland shade gardens

Lush plantings that make shady areas come alive with color and texture. You’ll be surprised at how many natives thrive in woodland areas, from spring ephemerals to fall-blooming plants.

woodland edge habitat

Most woodland edge habitat (part sun/part shade) in our area has been compromised over the years by invasive plants such as Amur honeysuckle and Autumn olive. We’ll help you fix that and restore your woodland edge with our native shrub designs.

trail installation

Turn your acreage into a beautiful wildlife sanctuary that you can enjoy! We work with you to incorporate trails that disrupt nature as little as possible, while giving you optimal sightlines.

eco-friendly lawn

Can’t give up on lawn completely? We understand. Instead of the high-maintenance planting that you have now, how about an eco-friendly alternative? By using climate-specific plants that are low-growing by nature, these alternative lawns don’t need constant mowing to stay short.

rain barrel installation

Always wanted a rain barrel to harvest your rainwater, but weren’t sure you knew how to install one correctly? We’ll set one up for you so that you can start saving water and reducing runoff at the same time.

invasive species removal

Invasive, non-native plants compete with and displace native plants and animals. They can alter ecosystems’ functions, structures, and cycles. The good news? Most plant invasions can be stopped and reversed. We can restore even badly infested areas to healthy systems dominated by native species.

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